Our History

The Sandhills Woman’s Exchange was started in 1922. The cabin we proudly occupy was built in 1810 and was located at Ray’s Grist Mill about 2 miles from its current location. Shortly after the Civil War, it was bought from the Ray family by Archibald McKenzie and for years was used by his family as a kitchen. In 1895, when James W. Tufts started Pinehurst, he was quite charmed by the cabin that he offered and built a new kitchen for the McKenzie family. They then had the old cabin moved, log by log, to its current location. The cabin was initially a museum, then the home of “Uncle” Jerry Mitchell, and its final residential owners; Tom Cotton and his brother, both free slaves, until Tom Cotton died in 1923. This wonderful old cabin has been the proud home of the Sandhills Woman’s Exchange since 1923. We are a member of the Federation of Woman’s Exchanges, the longest running women’s volunteer organization in the country.