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Sandhills Woman's Exchange

In 2022, we continue celebrating our centennial year of the Sandhills Woman's Exchange and our mission of helping others help themselves. 2023 also marks the 200th anniversary of the historic cabin we call home. Many improvements . to the cabin have already been made, including upgrades to Chef Katrina's kitchen, reglazing our windows, and updating our gardens. More repairs are planned in the near future.

We've had a very successful year as we emerged from the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic, hosting countless members,volunteers and guests for lunch, and wonderful shopping in the gift shop. Our centennial events have included Lunch n' Learns, Teatime on the Train, and the Centennial dinner dance, just to name a few. As we move into our next season, be sure to join us for the historic cabin tour planned for October and many more events to come. We are also trying out a new schedule and will be open Monday through Friday. We hope to capture lunch-seekers and shoppers on Mondays, when many restaurants are closed. We hope you will help us make this a successful transition and come support us on Mondays starting this Fall.

The SWE is completely supported by volunteers and members like you. Please consider renewing your membership and an additional donation if you are able. Your fmancial support has never been more important! Help us preserve our beloved cabin and increase our impact in the Sandhills. We thank you in advance for your support, and please come visit when the Cabin opens September 7, 2022.

Mary Rocca, Membership Chair
Faith Clay and Marie Carbrey, Co-Presidents

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