Pinehurst Elementary Second Graders Visit the Cabin

Pinehurst Elementary Second Graders visited the Cabin on Monday, December 12th. The very well-behaved children were invited to think about what they were seeing in the front room, which originally was the full cabin. Faith Clay, SWE President, then asked them "What do you wonder about?" Mary Meier, the Cabin Manager, then told the children the story of the cabin, first as the home of a family, then a kitchen, then where a man lived there and tended to the deer in the surrounding forest. Finally, Mr. Tufts, Pinehurst founder< moved it to its current location. One hundred years ago, it became the Woman's Exchange, where women from the surrounding area came to sell their wares. The children were amazed that a whole family lived in just one room! One of them asked how the logs were held together, and there were many other interesting questions, and comments. The children walked single-file through the gift shop to see the many wonderful things available from the local artisans.