Rotary Club of Pinehurst Comes to the Exchange

On Friday, September 23, the Sandhills Woman’s Exchange hosted the Rotary Club of Pinehurst members at their ‘Table of Five Fridays’ monthly event. Shown left to right: Katy LaBare, Frank, Marois, Bill Schran, Deb Holmes, Fran Grandinetti and Susan Taylor-Schran.
In celebration of their 100th year as one of only 15 Exchanges remaining in the U.S., the SWE invites many community groups to enjoy a complimentary lunch. In the past, groups have included the Pinehurst Village Council, Pinehurst Police Dept., Pinehurst Fire Dept., the SCC President and staff, Howell Masonry, The Pilott, Pinehurst Public Services Dept., and First Health Nursing staff.
Rotary at Sandhills Woman's Exchange